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What you need to know

Partners with their own network equipment and expertise can use Dark Fibre to connect two sites or consume ‘local access’ equivalent Dark Fibre connections without the expense of unbundling exchanges.

With dark fibre you can:


Build a fully protected resilient ring connected to your head end


Serve multiple customers with different network architectures


Daisy chain P2P circuits within a resilient core


Light office blocks or business parks using splitters or multiple fibres


Extend coverage, target new business or deliver specific projects e.g. PSNs, mobile networks, WANs, etc.


Migrate legacy services to improve long-term profits or reduce customer prices


Strengthen bids through supplier diversity, true resilience and long-term cost certainty

Why choose CityFibre as your Dark Fibre supplier?

Only the best

We’re committed to using our commercial flexibility to ensure the very best Dark Fibre market prices wherever possible.

We're in all the right places

Our revolutionary CityFibre network means we can offer you the most cost effective solution - full fibre networks in cities across the UK, with more being added all the time.

We’ve got clout with the carrier

We are the carrier and therefore use our own infrastructure to provide our Dark Fibre services and ensure your service is delivered efficiently.

We give you complete peace of mind

Our Dark Fibre services are fully supported with 100% Service Level Agreements and a 6 business hour return to service guarantee. You also have access to our 24/7/365 UK technical service team.

Dark Fibre at a glance:

Dedicated resilient fibre connectivity

Comprehensive 100% SLA

6 business hour return to service guarantee

24/7 UK based monitoring, maintenance and technical support


What type of fibre is used?
G657.A1 fibre type is used for new deployments, with increased flexibility for installation in tight corners of buildings. However, there is still G.652 fibre in some locations – we cannot predict or agree which will be provided. There is no option to specify fibre types at the point of order as we use whatever is deployed within the network for any given route.
What about Fibre Tax?
Fibre Tax is the non-domestic business rates applicable to the use of services delivered over fibre. Fibre Tax is defined by the Government’s Valuations Office Agency (VOA) or the Scottish Assessors Association (SAA) – who produce the tax assessment for their respective geographies – but billed by local authorities in the same way as business rates for commercial property such as shops, offices etc. Our Dark Fibre has a flat rateable value of £100 per annum per single fibre or fibre pair - irrespective of distance, until the next revaluation in April 2022.

Need more detail?

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