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What you get as standard

So you’re interested in partnering with us for broadband but you’re not sure whether a resale or wholesale partnership is best for you. This page should give you the detail to help you make your choice but if you have questions not answered here, don’t forget that we’re at the end of the phone - 0330 100 3550 is the number you’ll need - to provide all of the information you could possibly want.

No matter which partnership option you choose, here’s what you’ll get as standard.

Robust and reliable network

All traffic is delivered via our robust and reliable network

Flexible online ordering process

Ability to order online through our partner portal or through the use of XML scripts direct from your own website

Upsell features

Upsell features such as Enhanced Care, Elevated Best Efforts, Annex M and speed upgrade options for fibre connections.

Happy customers

Customers who have a broadband service that is right for their needs at a cost they’re happy to pay.

The Reseller route

If you want to provide your customers with ready-made unlimited or usage-based broadband packages then our reseller broadband model is for you. We can bill you or we can take care of the billing for you, and you earn commission.

Range of packages available

A comprehensive range of ready-made packages available

Purchase the complete package

Purchase each individual connection as a complete package

24/7/365 support

Our technical service teams become an extension of your business - we’ll even answer the phone quoting your business name to give your customers help 24/7/365


If you want the ultimate flexibility, we offer a wholesale tails and bandwidth model where you create your own packages, manage ordering from your own website under your own branding, and bill your customers yourselves. We manage authentication for you and deliver the traffic using Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol.

If you have your own infrastructure to authenticate your users, then our unmanaged Wholesale Broadband variant is for you, and because we do less work, the price to you is even keener.

95th percentile billing

95th percentile billing as standard

Time to assess your requirements

3 months to assess your bandwidth requirements

Flexible on location

2 interconnects - we’re flexible on location

Need a quote to go resale or wholesale?