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Ethernet Flex

What you need to know

Our Ethernet Flex 1Gbps service is perfect for businesses looking to satisfy occasional bandwidth surges without committing to higher cost solutions. It provides 200Mbps bandwidth as standard with an option to burst to 1Gbps as and when needed at no extra cost and with no prior requests - it’s just there ready and waiting when you need it, for complete peace of mind.

Why choose CityFibre as your supplier?

Exclusive innovation from CityFibre

Our Ethernet Flex 1Gbps product is an exclusive innovation from CityFibre designed to provide our customers with the flexibility they need, cost effectively and delivered via our ultra fast full fibre network.

Easy to do business with

Whether it’s placing orders, discussing potential solutions or gaining updates on existing orders, it’s really easy to do business with us.

Fully managed provisioning

A single point of contact will be assigned to your order, who’ll manage it right the way through to activation. They’ll be the one who knows exactly where your order is in the provisioning process and will keep you updated so that you don’t even need to ask.

We’ve got clout with the carrier

Because we are the carrier! There are no third parties involved with our Ethernet Flex 1Gbps service as it’s only available over our own CityFibre full fibre network, ensuring your service is delivered efficiently.

We're in all the right places

Our revolutionary CityFibre network means we can offer you the most cost effective solution - full-fibre networks in many on-net cities across the UK, with more being added all the time.

We give you complete peace of mind

Our Ethernet Flex 1Gbps services are fully supported with 100% Service Level Agreements, a 5 working hour return to service guarantee and choice of backup options for additional resilience. You also have access to our 24/7/365 technical service team.

Ethernet Flex 1Gbps at a glance

Blisteringly fast 1Gbps maximum speed, with 200Mbps as standard

Flexible ‘boost’ for complete peace of mind

Unlimited usage - No extra bandwidth costs

100% Service Level Agreement

Guaranteed Return to Service of 5 business hours

Delivered via the revolutionary full-fibre CityFibre network


Is this a dedicated fibre service?
We manage the access technology by splitting and continuing the pure fibre connection to no more than 8 business customer premises.
Is it a full-fibre connection?
Yes, delivered across CityFibre’s full-fibre revolutionary network.
Is it a fully managed service?
Yes. (Although if you have a layer 2 network to network interconnect with us, you also have the option to take the service “wires only”.)
Is usage unlimited?
How long will it take to install my service?
Installation is subject to site survey and cooperation with the process by other agencies such as local councils and landlords. The good news is that as we manage the provisioning process ourselves, your dedicated provisioning agent will be able to keep you and your customer updated on progress as the order makes its way through the process to activation.
Is it available throughout the UK?
In an ever expanding number of cities. Please see our network map to see where it's currently available.
Can my customer move premises part way through their contract?
Ideally you’d capture the likelihood of a premises move before placing your order as this will have an impact on the service. If a move is required part way through a contract, a charge may be applicable depending on how long there is left on the contract and the location of the new site. It’s best to speak to your Account Manager to find out how the land lies for your specific case.
Is any hardware supplied as part of the service?
A very compact piece of network termination equipment with an RJ45 socket is standard. If you choose the managed service, we also supply managed hardware.
What’s your provisioning process?
The provisioning process that we follow is standard across the communications industry and has a number of key stages to go through. For further information, you can download our 'Guide to Provisioning' ebook.

Need more detail?

Click to download our Ethernet Flex 1Gbps brochure

Click to download our Ethernet Flex 1Gbps brochure

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