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What you need to know

Business owners need to be able to guarantee business continuity and data security - colocation (or colo for short) is particularly effective in ensuring that both of these aims are achieved by hosting business hardware and applications away from the main business premises in locations that are highly secure, controlled and continuously monitored. It’s for companies that already have their own servers that they wish to retain control of.

Why choose colocation from CityFibre

Location, location, location

With rack space available at our data centres in Slough, London and Wolverhampton, your customers can have their hardware and applications stored in a location that’s convenient for them.

Size doesn’t matter...

We offer both half and full rack options so that SMEs and larger corporate entities can benefit from having their hardware and applications housed away from their main business centre.

The right environment

All of our data centres provide a state of the art hosting environment with backup uninterruptible power supplies and generators for extended power cuts. To make sure that only the right people can gain access security is rigorous. 24/7 guard patrols, CCTV and multi-point controlled access systems are among the security protocols in place.

Instantaneous environment information

With access to reports via synergi, all colocation customers can manage their usage at the click of a button, keeping them in control of their solution.

There’s no limit

We believe that no solution is too small or too big, so colocation is available as a stand-alone solution or as part of a wider connectivity package.


What is colocation?
At its simplest, colocation is taking space in a data centre rack to host your server hardware and applications so that it isn’t held in your main place of business.
How much power can I have in a rack?
This entirely depends on your chosen data centre as the infrastructure is different in each location. As a rule, we provide between 8 and 16 amps of power so please check with your Account Manager if you have specific requirements.
Which sites do you offer colocation in?
Colocation is provided in Slough, London and Wolverhampton.

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