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What you need to know

Broadband is a regularly-chosen form of connectivity for many small businesses and residential customers because of its cost-effective price and is an essential service offering for most ISPs.

Our standard resalable broadband packages are available over FTTC/P, ADSL2+ and ADSL. Alternatively, we offer wholesale broadband solutions for partners looking to deliver their own choice of broadband packages using L2TP handoff.

The benefits of partnering with us for broadband

Range of ready-made packages for families and business

Ability to create your own offering

Flexible billing and white-label options

No minimum order requirement

Access to our partner portal, synergi


24/7 UK based monitoring, maintenance and technical service

XML script for you to take orders online

Our Network

Whilst we have our own full fibre Ethernet network in 29 towns and cities we can supply our wholesale and resale broadband services throughout the UK thanks to our strategic relationships with other carriers.


What’s the difference between ADSL, ADSL2+, FTTC and FTTP?
ADSL and ADSL2+ are copper based broadband services whilst FTTC means that the fibre-optic cables are run all the way to the street cabinet but the final connection from the cabinet to the premises is left as copper. FTTP provides a fibre connection all the way along. To implement a FTTC connection however, the cabinet needs to have been appropriately enabled.
What’s the difference between packaged and wholesale broadband?
As part of our commitment to working with you however you want, we offer a range of ready-made broadband packages that meet the broad bandwidth requirements of your business and residential customers. You can choose to have these billed on your behalf, earning a commission in return or you can bill your customers directly, earning whatever margin you’ve added on top of our competitive pricing. Alternatively, you can choose to buy broadband from us on a bandwidth and tails basis in order to create your own unique offering. More information is available from our resale and wholesale webpages.
Can bandwidth be increased on FTTC?
Yes. We provision superfast broadband at 40Mbps download / 2Mbps upload as standard but this can be increased. Available speeds are:
Option Upload Download Available infrastructure
1 10Mbps 40Mbps FTTC & FTTP
2 20Mbps 80Mbps FTTC & FTTP
Do you offer unlimited packages?
Yes - unlimited packages are available to both business and family users on FTTC as well as rate adaptive ADSL and ADSL2+ connections.

Which is best for you, resale or wholesale broadband?

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