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What you need to know

Generic Ethernet Access, or GEA for short, is an entry-level form of Ethernet connectivity that harnesses copper technology between the premises and the cabinet and then fibre to the exchange, before handing data over to the Ethernet network. By utilising copper and fibre as the initial transit technology, costs and installation times are much lower than other Ethernet-based connectivity technologies, but can still achieve symmetrical speeds of 20Mbps.

The updated Single order GEA - "SoGEA" variant, as its name suggests, allows you to order the service in one hit without having to order a separate PSTN line for it first.

Why choose CityFibre as your GEA supplier?

Fuss-free ordering

We make ordering circuits for your customers as painless as possible, providing you access to real-time pricing from all of the major carriers through our online portal, synergi. Your Account Manager is always on hand to help you choose the right solutions for your customers’ needs too.

Experienced help when you need it

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond when it comes to customer service and helping you win business. With this in mind, we’ll happily design and cost proposed solutions - we’ll come to meetings to help you bid for business too.

One point of contact

We’ll assign your orders to a dedicated provisioning agent who will manage them through to activation, so you’ll only ever have one person to speak to about them.

With GEA, your customers can get:

Symmetrical speeds of up to 20Mbps

Installation in as little as 18 working days

100% Service Level Agreement

Guaranteed Return to Service of 9 business hours

24/7 UK based monitoring, maintenance and technical service

Backup options available for resilience

2, 5, 10, 15 and 20Mbps bandwidth options

Managed Cisco router as standard


Does the GEA service include the PSTN line?
If you order the Single Order GEA product it is included. Previously with GEA, you had to arrange a separate PSTN line before ordering the data variant.
Can I burst the downstream speed?
Can I upgrade from an existing FTTC service to GEA?
Is the SLA for GEA comparable to EFM or leased lines?
Comparable to EFM.
Is a GEA service contended from the cabinet to the exchange?
Can my customer move premises part way through their contract?
Ideally you’d capture the likelihood of a premises move before placing your order as this will have an impact on the recommended carrier. If a move is required part way through a contract, a charge may be applicable depending on how long there is left on the contract and the location of the new site. It’s best to speak to your Account Manager to find out how the land lies for your specific case.
Does CityFibre restrict any ports on GEA equipment?
No, we don’t block any ports on our equipment.
What guarantees does CityFibre offer if the Cisco router fails?
If a router that we’ve provided fails, we’ll arrange for a replacement to be couriered to your customer’s business site on the next working day. Replacements will be made on a like-for-like basis.
What’s your provisioning process?
The provisioning process that we follow is standard across the communications industry and has a number of key stages to go through. For further information, you can download our 'Guide to Provisioning' ebook.
How long does it take to implement GEA?
This is the question most likely to be asked but the most difficult to answer. There are a number of factors that can impact the time it takes to implement a GEA service so while we indicate that it will take in as little as 18 working days, in reality this will depend on the outcome of the site survey and whether any works are needed that will require the input of outside agencies, such as local councils or landlords. The good news is that as we manage the provisioning process ourselves, your dedicated provisioning agent will be able to keep you and your customer updated on progress as the order makes its way through the process to activation.

Need more detail?

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