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Know your customers!

Posted on Nov 12 2012 by Darren Farnden | Comments Off on Know your customers!
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Is faster better for all? Resellers are always being encouraged to take the latest products to market and all too often the core message is ‘bigger-better-faster’. It’s little wonder that customers will ask about – and resellers will tend to sell – ‘speeds and volumes’.

Know your customer

Know your customer

We’ve seen the “Next Generation Network” became the “Now Generation Network” and, during the implementation and introduction of this new platform, we’ve all been constantly bombarded with technical and marketing messages about the latest and fastest connectivity services on offer. In a market where we’ve talked endlessly about speeds and volumes and led customers to believe ’faster is better’, how we manage customers’ expectations and, more importantly, educate them becomes a very important task.

First of all we need to recognise the change of the market’s dynamics. End users nowadays are more technically aware than before, due to the vast amount of marketing information available to them and this has significantly accelerated their adoption of technology. Years ago, end users valued their IT expertise at work and would replicate that experience in their homes. Today it seems everyone is an IT expert, with their experience of iPads, streaming television, Wi-Fi and 3G in their homes. Customers’ desire to take those technologies into work is driving businesses’ necessity to change. As a result, we often face customers who ’appear’ to know what they’re talking about with all their use of current jargon. They come to resellers having designed a solution for the issues that they want to address and ask for a specific product, with the best price seemingly being their most important consideration.

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