CSR Update – Focusing on Mental Health and Fundraising

Posted on Aug 28 2019 | Blog, CSR

David Edwards
Software Programme Manager/
CSR Chair

In light of the recent coverage on Mental Health, Entanet’s CSR committee has worked to implement facilities to aid employees’ mental wellness. We have also been continuing our fundraising activities and having a lot of fun along the way. Here are a few projects that we have been working on during the last few months.

Earlier this year Entanet’s CSR committee conducted a course on-site, which was the first step towards raising awareness of mental health. Following on from that, around 20 staff from the Telford office volunteered to form a support network for their colleagues. Those volunteers received specialist Mental Health First Aider training in order for them to get a good understanding of how to engage with someone in need.

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IPA update – Government wins latest legal battle on controversial data legislation

Regular readers of our blog will know of the longstanding trials and tribulations of the Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) – often referred to in the press as ‘The Snooper’s Charter’.

In the latest twist the Government has successfully fended off a challenge from Human Rights campaigners Liberty who argued that the mass retention of public communications data permitted under the IPA didn’t come with the necessary safeguards against the possible abuse of power by the state. 

The IPA requires ISPs to store their customers communications data including email activity, phone use and Internet browsing history for up to 12 months so security services have the ability to access it should they deem it necessary in combating serious crime – although the content itself can only be released with a warrant.

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Why SMEs should think about full fibre today!

Posted on Jul 25 2019 | Blog, Business, Fibre, Full fibre, Uncategorized

Matthew Dyke –
Business Development Consultant

As we move to an increasingly digital Britain the way the nation is consuming goods and services is changing at pace – which means the need for businesses to be forward-thinking and look for faster and smarter ways to operate is key – what underpins this digital revolution is ultra-fast and resilient full fibre connectivity.

The recent woes of household retailers like HMV, Toys R Us and BHS serve as the perfect illustration of the consequences when companies are slow to embrace digital change. The Royal Mail’s 2018 Delivery Matters UK Report also highlights that proportion of UK shoppers choosing to spend their money online is now 87%, meaning there is less place than ever for slow and ineffective connectivity in our modern e-commerce driven economy.

Source: Royal Mail Delivery Matter Report 2018

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Six simple steps to a smooth and timely provisioning journey

Posted on Jul 15 2019 | Blog
Nicholas Paxon, Senior Provisioning Coordinator

When you’ve worked hard to win valuable new business and get to placing your order with us, the last thing you want is any nasty delays that prevent you getting your customer up and running – especially for things that can easily be avoided!

One of the main factors that will influence how quickly your order will progress lies right at the start of process with the Customer Requirements Form (CRF).

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Entanet is igniting the channel’s full fibre opportunity with a price promotion on CityFibre 100/100 Ethernet services

Posted on Jul 10 2019 | CityFibre, Ethernet, Full fibre, News

Paul North, Head of Sales

Entanet is offering resellers the chance to utilise maximum bandwidth on ultra-fast 100/100Mbps Ethernet connectivity for just £175* until the end of September – a lower price than others charge for 10Mbps/100Mbps services.

Entanet is making highly-profitable, entry-level full fibre connectivity an even more exciting proposition by offering all new CityFibre 100Mbps connections ordered with a 100Mbps bearer* for just £175 per month.

The new promotion means channel partners can access 100Mbps/100Mbps Ethernet services for a lower price than most 10Mbps/100Mbps services from other carriers. The discount is made available to resellers, allowing them to pass on additional benefits to their customers or incorporate the service as part of an overall value proposition. There is no limit to the number of services each partner can purchase. 

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Entanet launches game-changing flexible Ethernet to accelerate the channel’s full fibre opportunities

Posted on Jul 04 2019 | Ethernet, Fibre, Full fibre, GPON, News
Paul North, Head of Sales

Entanet has launched a new service to revolutionise the channel’s full fibre gigabit-capable Ethernet proposition to businesses – available for just £199* per month until 30 September

Entanet, a CityFibre company and leading wholesale provider of full fibre connectivity, is enabling the channel to serve business customers with low cost full fibre Ethernet that meets their need for exceptionally fast connectivity, while accommodating occasional need for more bandwidth at no extra cost.

The wholesaler has launched Ethernet Flex 1Gbps across the UK on its CityFibre full fibre infrastructure. With a guaranteed rate of 200Mbps both up and down and the provision to burst up to 1Gbps, it serves businesses’ need for a consistently reliable and fast connection for day-to-day operations but critically the ability to complete bandwidth-intensive tasks without incurring additional charges or having to pre-arrange more bandwidth availability.

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Pre-sales support – why the journey starts before the sale

Posted on Jun 20 2019 | Blog, Pre-Sales, PWAN
Conor Murphy,
Pre-Sales Technical Consultant

Solution is a word that’s commonplace in the UK connectivity market, but all too often a ‘solution’ actually means a provider jamming the square pegs of their product portfolio into the round holes of a customer requirement to get to the end game.

At Entanet we do things differently by starting the customer journey before the sale. We treat a customer’s requirements as a blank canvas and work closely with all parties involved to delve into what the need is and why a certain solution will work best to achieve it – whether this is through face to face meetings or conference calls.

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World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

Posted on May 29 2019 | Blog, CSR

David Edwards
Software Programme Manager/
CSR Chair 

In a forward-thinking industry that’s doing such great work to build a brighter and more prosperous future for the country, it’s ironic that the UK’s connectivity sector still has so much to do in order to shake its perception as a career that’s only open to white men.

And it’s important that it does shake this perception, because if we’re going to achieve a digital Britain that fully meets the needs of our citizens and businesses the sector will need to engage with the vast pool of talent that exists in our increasingly diverse society.

Entanet aims to lead the way in this mission and on Friday 23rd May, we hosted a ‘World Culture Day’ celebrating and raising awareness about cultural diversity. Held as part of a week of awareness to mark ‘World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development’ the event was an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the value of cultural diversity and to learn to live together better.

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Entanet teams up with Devoteam and ServiceNow to support CityFibre’s ambitious full fibre vision

Posted on May 20 2019 | News
Mike Bywater
Head of Development & IT

Entanet, a CityFibre company and leading wholesale provider of full fibre connectivity, has cut the cake with cloud computing specialists Devoteam to celebrate the ‘go live’ of a customer service solution on the ServiceNow platform which will enhance CityFibre’s ambitious full fibre infrastructure roll-out, bringing ultrafast Gigabit-capable connectivity to up to five million UK homes and businesses by 2025.

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UK geo – are their days numbered?

Posted on Apr 29 2019 | Blog, Full fibre, VoIP

Local numbers when making a call seem like second nature to us these days. To many of us, it’s hard to think of a time before area codes were shown as they are now.

Area codes were introduced in 1958 back when we were able, for the first time, to call another phone number directly rather than through a manual exchange operator. It then took over 20 years to allocate exchange codes to every exchange in the country, completing this in 1979.

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