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Matthew Dyke –
Business Development Consultant

As we move to an increasingly digital Britain the way the nation is consuming goods and services is changing at pace – which means the need for businesses to be forward-thinking and look for faster and smarter ways to operate is key – what underpins this digital revolution is ultra-fast and resilient full fibre connectivity.

The recent woes of household retailers like HMV, Toys R Us and BHS serve as the perfect illustration of the consequences when companies are slow to embrace digital change. The Royal Mail’s 2018 Delivery Matters UK Report also highlights that proportion of UK shoppers choosing to spend their money online is now 87%, meaning there is less place than ever for slow and ineffective connectivity in our modern e-commerce driven economy.

Source: Royal Mail Delivery Matter Report 2018

Many SME businesses looking to future proof themselves are looking to adopt cloud-based services and hosted voice solutions, but if these technologies are being run over an archaic copper-based infrastructure then the productivity and efficiency benefits these services bring are immediately being hampered. Full fibre connectivity massively reduces the chances of downtime and through our intelligent CityFibre network, Entanet offers premium care on leased lines meaning a quick distribution of an engineer and SLAs up to 5 hours. As a reseller, having that level of support is great for your customer experience.

One of the main reasons SME businesses may have been hesitant to embrace full fibre services is the perception that it’s too pricey for them – but when we think about what an average SME spends on gas and electricity which is between £241 – £380 or how much a business spends on a single sales person’s company car each month, both are more than the cost of full fibre connectivity that meets the needs of the whole business. If the salesperson’s car fails and cannot attend meetings then one member of the team is out whereas, if your connectivity is down, everyone in the business can reap the consequences.

The role of Entanet and it’s channel partners is to change the way businesses think about connectivity and realise the importance it brings to day to day operations. If your connection was to fail, what would your business stand to lose and how would this affect your relationships with customers?

Entanet, as CityFibre’s wholesale route to the channel, are leading UK businesses’ drive towards gigabit-capable full fibre services. Your SME customers are able to get exactly what they need NOW and won’t need another installation for decades. Especially with Entanet’s new Ethernet Flex 1Gbps product. This is the perfect fit for SMEs moving to full-fibre as it gives them great bandwidth with a guaranteed rate of 200Mbps both up and down and the provision to burst up to 1Gbps. Ethernet Flex revolutionises the channel’s full fibre gigabit-capable Ethernet proposition to businesses.

Gigabit Voucher Scheme?
Entanet is helping it’s channel partners to make the full fibre proposition for their SME customers even more attractive by aligning its Ethernet and Ethernet Flex services with the government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. Gigabit vouchers can be used by small to medium businesses contributing to the installation cost of a gigabit-capable connection. Businesses can claim up to £2,500 against the cost of connection either individually or as part of a group project. If you are not talking about this with your customers, they may miss out on a fantastic opportunity to have an extremely positive impact on their business.

Source: Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

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