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Conor Murphy,
Pre-Sales Technical Consultant

Solution is a word that’s commonplace in the UK connectivity market, but all too often a ‘solution’ actually means a provider jamming the square pegs of their product portfolio into the round holes of a customer requirement to get to the end game.

At Entanet we do things differently by starting the customer journey before the sale. We treat a customer’s requirements as a blank canvas and work closely with all parties involved to delve into what the need is and why a certain solution will work best to achieve it – whether this is through face to face meetings or conference calls.

Taking the time to get this part of the customer journey right is important for two reasons – it gives them the confidence that the service they receive will deliver on their needs, which in turn makes it much more likely that our channel partners will have happy clients and also secure that all important long term ‘sticky’ business… it’s a win win situation.

Forging strong relationships with all the major service carriers throughout our 23 years in business enables us to offer a wide range of solutions alongside our strong broadband, wireless, 3G/4G offerings and cloud based services including Azure or AWS. The scope of our product offering means we can deliver all of the key services required by a customer within their PWAN (also known as IPVPN) solution. Entanet is also in the enviable position of being able to offer our own network offering with CityFibre products such as Ethernet and GPON.

Below is an example diagram which shows a range of different PWAN solutions:

We believe that taking the time to do the legwork for our partners and their customers properly is what makes the services we offer a true ‘solution’.

If your business offers complex multi-site connectivity solutions and you’d like to know more about how Entanet and its pre-sales team can add value to your proposition, visit our IP VPN page to find out more and get in contact.

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