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The race to ‘fibre-up’ the UK is leading to a shift in thinking by channel partners who are keen to grasp the most significant opportunity for the UK comms industry in a generation.

Embracing a new business model that no longer involves waiting for full fibre to come to where you sell but instead looks to target sales where fibre already exists is a golden opportunity to seize first-mover advantage and claim the lion’s share of new opportunities in a ready market.

Entanet, a CityFibre company, is taking the lead in enabling its channel partners to unlock these lucrative opportunities in all of its Gigabit cities across the UK. Backed by an ambitious investment programme to deliver the UK’s most advanced and intelligent full fibre network. We recently announced the first £1.12bn of a £2.5bn investment plan, identifying 37 towns and cities where we already have critical fibre spine assets primed for full city expansion.

In a nutshell, this means CityFibre is challenging the status quo and acting as the primary agent of much needed change in the sector – our rollout will deliver to five million premises and corresponds to one third of the Government’s 2025 target of 15 million.

Full fibre rollout on this scale and the size of the emerging new market that it opens up, is igniting an exciting full fibre revolution that is helping to deliver well planned cities with future-proof infrastructure that sparks innovation and underpins our economy – enriching the lives of UK citizens and the capabilities of our business in the process!

The channel’s opportunity in this is huge! Especially for channel partners that look at the market differently. The decisions you make on who to partner with and which full fibre solutions to champion and take to market will be crucial, as this has a direct impact on transforming the landscape of the connectivity market by helping customers to realise the benefits of full fibre.

Our CityFibre products offer unbeatable pricing and rock-solid connectivity using our own leading-edge full fibre network that isn’t hindered by the outdated legacy copper infrastructure that is increasingly struggling to support the needs of modern commerce. Importantly for channel partners, this also means we can offer more responsive and flexible customer service backed up with robust service level agreements that ensure we keep your customers connected!

All this makes our products an easily justifiable proposition to put to your customers and the good news is that the more these services are purchased, the more demand it will generate as businesses look to balance cost against gigabit speed requirements and a need for service guarantees – as a result you will be accelerating the opportunities to grow your business!

We’ve seen evidence that Entanet partners who have embraced full fibre services and the generous margin opportunities that come with them in existing Gigabit Cities across the UK are already winning strong business – the clear message is that now is the time to join the full fibre revolution!

If you want to talk to us about the full fibre opportunities on offer across the UK, please feel free to contact us at 0330 100 3550 or email sales@enta.net

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