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Changes to the legal landscape

This year has seen a wave of legislative changes which impact on our sector, from the courtroom wranglings over the controversial Investigatory Powers Act (IPA) to the introduction of GDPR. Cityfibre also launched a major challenge to the false advertising of copper as fibre through its clever Coppersaurus campaign (see www.coppersaurus.com). At this point there have already been 330,000 site visits,1 million video views and over 5,500 signatories supporting the campaign. We’re currently waiting for judgement from the court case that took place mid December, which is likely to be during mid January 2019. Keep your eyes open for updates!


With the Government and Ofcom in agreement that full fibre is the future, we expect even more support for the roll out of full fibre infrastructure across the UK in order to meet the ambitious target of connecting 15 million premises to full fibre services by 2025. There is also likely to be much more to play out in the courts regarding the Investigatory Powers Act, including a judicial review of the legislation following a legal case brought forward by the human rights organisation Liberty.

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