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As British businesses continue to drive an ever increasing demand for digital services the need for ultra-fast, reliable connectivity has never been so important.

Entanet’s CityFibre Ethernet services represent a fantastic opportunity for resellers to tap into this buoyant and profitable market and we’ve highlighted 3 key reasons why…

#1. As Entanet is part of CityFibre, when you buy Ethernet services through us you’re dealing directly with a wholesale provider that has its own infrastructure in the ground, this helps us to keep our costs down and means more control and visibility over the provisioning of the connection, this enables us to pass these benefits onto our resellers, providing them with a fantastic opportunity to stand out from the crowd in a competitive market and still create a highly profitable margin!


Throughout summer 2018 this opportunity is even greater as Entanet is offering 10% off the monthly line rental of all orders for CityFibre Ethernet services with a 1Gbps bearer*  placed before Friday, 31st August (extended from 29th June). Products on offer include:

  • 100Mbps/1Gbps
  • 200Mbps/1Gbps
  • 500Mbps/1Gbps
  • 1Gbps/1Gbps

#2. The Government is backing Britain’s move to a full fibre future through it’s nationwide Gigabit Voucher Scheme. The scheme offers up to £3,000 off the total cost of ownership of new Gigabit-capable connections for SMEs. Entanet is fully signed up to deliver it, meaning we can manage the whole voucher application process for you!

The promotional discount on our CityFibre 1Gbps bearer products mentioned above also qualifies for this scheme – so double the reason to take advantage!

#3. Entanet puts the incredible power of its CityFibre Ethernet services in the hands of its partners by giving them instant access to the latest promotional pricing and ability to place an order at the click of a button using our Ethernet Quoting Tool (EQT), available through our synergi partner portal 24/7.

Our EQT has recently been enhanced with additional functions including an API to integrate with partners quoting systems making the ordering process seamless and a ‘distance to duct’ map on all CityFibre quotes, meaning at the click of a button partners can now see the postcode they are quoting on within a CityFibre network map with the distance to the network also included.  The EQT also provides the opportunity to connect two sites in the same active city using Entanet’s Point to Point and Dark Fibre products.

If these three reasons have caught your eye but you want to find out more about Entanet’s CityFibre based Ethernet products and the amazing opportunities they can provide for your business then contact our sales team by emailing sales@enta.net or calling 0330 100 3550.

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