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Openreach recently began its consultation with ISPs on the planned withdrawal of all PSTN and ISDN services by 2025 as they attempt to move all telephone systems to newer, more flexible VoIP solutions. However, that doesn’t mean that Openreach is withdrawing all copper phone lines, they’re still very much needed for the provision of copper based and FTTC broadband services (amongst other things) but it does mean that business customers currently using ISDN and PSTN phone systems will need to upgrade to an alternative, and that’s where you come in!

Whilst 2025 may sound like a long way off, with an estimated 2.1 million ISDN30 channels and 0.87 million ISDN2 Business channels currently in use in the UK now really is the perfect time to get ahead of your competitors and seize this opportunity. Being proactive really could pay off, helping your customers to be fully prepared well in advance of the withdrawal date.

Plus there are so many advantages of switching to VoIP, including:

  • More cost effective than traditional phone systems
  • Can easily become part of a comprehensive disaster recovery solution
  • Much more flexible and completely scalable enabling you to increase or decrease users as and when you need to
  • Easier to manage, usually via an online portal
  • Usually includes useful telephony features such as auto attendants, hunt groups etc

To make things even easier for you, we’ve developed a brand new ISDN replacement solution which provides your customers with a 500Mbps GPON connection and either 30 free SIP channels if your customer wants to retain any existing PBX equipment or for customers requiring a complete disaster recovery solution through the use of hosting, 20 free hosted voice seats.

Why choose Entanet’s Hosted Voice?

Our all new hosted voice solutions can help you truly differentiate yourself in an already crowded Broadsoft- dominated market and offer something really different to your customers. Our VoIP solutions have been developed in-house using FreeSWITCH and Open SIPS platforms to deliver a high quality, reliable and feature rich solution to your customers and best of all it’s really competitively priced. It’s easy to sell, easy to use and easy to manage via our synergi portal.

To find out more about our standalone Hosted Voice solutions or our brand new ISDN replacement service talk to us today on 0330 100 3554 or email sales@enta.net.

Have your say!

Have you already been approached by customers looking to upgrade to VoIP before the 2025 deadline? Do you already have a plan of action in place or are you currently investigating your options?

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