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Are you interested in reselling Hosted Voice/VoIP but unsure which type of service to provide to your customers? Or are you already reselling VoIP but struggling to differentiate yourself in the crowded Broadsoft based SME market?

As demand for hosted voice increases and more and more providers are offering the service its becoming increasingly harder for resellers to stand out from the crowd and take real advantage of this growing market – after all you might as well just opt for a Broadsoft based solution and compete on price right?

Well you could, but that could easily become a very slippery slope into ever squeezing margins and price wars and surely that’s not a road you want to travel. So, the real issue here is finding a way to stand out and offer your customers something equally desirable but different! That’s where Entanet’s brand new hosted voice service comes in!

It’s been developed completely in-house by our highly experienced software development team using FreeSwitch and Open SIPS platforms and provides our channel with a truly competitive and feature rich solution that is a real alternative to Broadsoft and can help them to effectively stand out from the crowd and generate profitable revenues as a value add or a standalone solution.

It’s easy to sell and easy to use, all managed via our comprehensive synergi portal and delivered across our resilient network. Plus, to make sure we’ve created something that our partners really want and need, they’ve been involved every step of the way as we’ve utilised their invaluable feedback to ensure it contains all the features your customers need at a price that’s competitive.

It’s available on a 30 day contract with no upfront CAPEX requirements and as it’s all developed in house we can respond quickly to market changes. If you’d like to find out more about our brand new Hosted Voice solutions email sales@enta.net or call 0330 100 3550.

Similarly, Hosted Voice can easily be incorporated into a new Ethernet or GPON solution, adding value and even more differentiation. To find out more speak to our sales team about bundled services.

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