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Emma Fisher

Emma Fisher, Sales Support Manager

Customer retention is a key part of any business, it is important to take care of existing customers as well as new business. How much time do you have to focus on retaining customers? At Entanet customer retention is one of our most important activities.

It can be a difficult balancing act. On one hand, you don’t want to lose contracts that are coming to an end and you’re keen to proactively remind your customers of renewal opportunities. On the other hand, you’re wary of reminding them in case they start to look elsewhere in the market. Right?

Think again  We believe it’s really important to be proactive when it comes to retention. It gives you an ideal opportunity to keep in touch with your customer, opening up communication to discuss if their needs have changed at all, potentially identifying further opportunities for you and ensuring your customer gets a solution that is fit for purpose. Being proactive in your approach to retention also reminds them that you value them as an existing customer.

What can we do to help? At Entanet we have a dedicated team looking after all of your retention needs, we adopt a proactive approach to retaining customers and can help you do the same. Find out more about the benefits of a proactive retention strategy and how our retention team can help you with our new informative eBook.

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Call our in-life services team to find out they can help you successfully retain more Ethernet solutions on 0330 100 3554 or email sales@enta.net.

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