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Now that Entanet and CityFibre have joined forces to revolutionise the connectivity market and bring truly differentiating competitive advantage to the channel, we’re delighted to announce the availability of our blisteringly fast Entanet GPON and Dedicated Ethernet solutions delivered across CityFibre’s full-fibre network.

As an Entanet partner, you’ll already know about dedicated Ethernet, its benefits and why you should be selling it but you may be less familiar with GPON. What’s the nature of this service and what does it offer to you and your customers? (In a separate article we’ll discuss the full details of our CityFibre dedicated Ethernet services).

What is Entanet GPON?

GPON is essentially wires-only full-fibre connectivity and it’s particularly useful for businesses looking to balance their need for blisteringly fast Internet access with cost effective pricing and guaranteed reliability. Our GPON connections are available in 500Mbps or 1Gbps options and deliver complete peace of mind with a 100% SLA, a 9 business hour return to service guarantee, unlimited usage and fast installation times of typically 45 working days.

Why choose full-fibre services?

With a full-fibre connection customers can access gigabit-capable speeds without the potential bottleneck found in copper EFM and part-fibre services such as FTTC and GEA. As a result, customers benefit from increased efficiency and productivity. Full-fibre services are also less susceptible to the effects of bad weather, theft and electrical interference when compared to part-copper alternatives.

Is GPON contended?

Technically yes. But not as you know it!

Contention has become a dirty word in our industry because it’s historically been used by network operators to share out a scarce bandwidth resource for maximum gain. We use it with a very different objective in mind. Whilst 128 users is the theoretical maximum, we only split the pure fibre connection between 8 business customer premises, meaning no ill effects are likely to ever be felt. Nonetheless, we’re so confident that if our GPON contention materially impacts your headline speeds, we’ve pledged to sort it.

Why choose GPON over dedicated Ethernet?

Essentially because of the cost savings. Dedicated Ethernet remains the ultimate connectivity solution for exclusive synchronous speeds but comes at a higher price. Where businesses are trying to balance cost against gigabit speed requirements and a need for service guarantees, GPON provides an attractive and immensely cost effective alternative. Add to this unlimited usage and no downtime or upgrade charges when accessing up to gigabit speeds, it’s easy to see why GPON is a popular solution.

Our newly updated eBook, ‘A comprehensive guide to connectivity’, illustrates clearly how GPON fits into the connectivity scale and where competitive opportunities lie for resellers.

Download it for free here >>

To find out more about GPON and dedicated Ethernet services delivered across the revolutionary CityFibre network contact our sales team on 0330 100 3550 or email sales@enta.net.

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