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Lee Hill

Lee Hill, Pre-Sales Technical Manager

PWANs (or IP VPNs/MPLS as you may prefer to call them) can deliver highly profitable opportunities for resellers as they provide the customer with a complete network solution from a single supplier often with value added services such as VoIP, Firewalls and hosting. However, for many resellers the idea of bidding for a more complex network solution is intimidating and they may not know how or where to start to be able to take full advantage of this growing market. That’s where we come in.

What actually is a PWAN?

PWANs (Private Wide Area Networks) are known throughout the industry under many terms including IP VPNs and even MPLS solutions. The technical truth is that the PWAN or IP VPN (if you prefer) is delivered across an MPLS network rather than being an ‘MPLS’ solution, however the terminology seems to have become somewhat interchangeable. Essentially, the PWAN solution is a complete connectivity network for your customer which can connect multiple sites and offices, include various connectivity technologies such as leased lines, broadband and back-up solutions and additional services such as VoIP, Firewalls and hosting. They are bespoke solutions created to fit a customer’s specific needs and requirements and are usually fully managed and supported with 100% SLAs.

How can we help?
At Entanet we pride ourselves on delivering a superior customer experience for our reseller partners and we aim to help and support them at every stage and that’s never more true than when it comes to PWANs. We have a dedicated pre-sales technical team on hand to do just that. We can support you at every stage with as much or as little help as you need to help you win these highly profitable opportunities.

For example, from an initial discussion about the opportunity you have we can help you design and cost various options and solutions to propose to the customer. We can even help you with network illustrations and supporting sales proposal documents and presentations or accompany you to the customer meetings and present alongside you or on your behalf. We can provide live demonstrations of our industry leading Mirada portal which provides you and/or the customer with essentially a mini-NOC via which they can monitor real-time information about every connection and device within the network, diagnose faults remotely with our premier support team and view essential network management reports and statistics.

Why do we go to so much effort to help you win PWAN business?
Honestly, because PWANs are highly profitable solutions for resellers and wholesalers alike and are often the perfect opportunity to build long term loyalty and relationships with large and substantial customers. Over time, initial network requirements often expand and increase generating even more opportunity and as the solution is provided as a whole and often complex network, customer loyalty tends to be higher with impressive retention rates. The opportunities are plentiful and you’d be crazy to let your own inexperience hold you back, especially when we are happy and willing to help you.

To find out more about how we can help or to discuss a specific opportunity call our pre-sales technical team on 0330 100 3550 or email sales@enta.net.

Have your say!
Are you looking to move into the reselling of more complex network solutions or are you unsure of the opportunities available? Have our pre-sales team helped you get started in this profitable and growing market? Share your experiences by leaving us a comment below.

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