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Paul North

Paul North, Sales Manager

In the move to a transactional business model the art of the sales conversation is dying. It’s not surprising – why spend hours on a deal that’ll provide slim margins at best, when it could be placed within minutes using an online portal? But online isn’t always best. There are occasions – such as when you’re working on a complex PWAN solutions – that interacting with a real live human being is the route to the best possible solution for your customer, better margins for you and an improved relationship with your wholesale supplier.

Our latest free to download ebook ‘Why conversation is the key to successful PWANs’ details how the art of conversation, consultative selling and working in partnership with both your customer and your wholesale supplier will yield big returns for your business.

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Do you think the future is online or will there always be a place for the human element? Are you taking full advantage of the increased margin opportunities available with PWANs and are you getting the support you need from your upline supplier? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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