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This has been a year of unthinkable events, so it should come as no surprise that last night the Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB) passed the final hurdle in gaining approval by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. All that’s left for it to become law is to gain Royal Assent – i.e. the Queen has to sign it off.

Entanet has campaigned hard against the IPB and its previous incarnations. Given the volume of data breaches already this year, as a responsible ISP we consider the collection of every citizen’s browsing history to be a profoundly bad idea; it is inevitable that, at best, there will be scope creep among government departments. At worst, your life will fall into the wrong hands.

Our recent straw poll indicates that others feel similarly:

  • 57% said that, if the IPB was passed, they would be off to live in the woods so that they wouldn’t have a digital footprint to spy on
  • 24% were mostly concerned about how their business will manage the cost of required data retention
  • 14% have no idea what the IPB is and asked if they should be worried, and
  • 5% weren’t bothered by it as they have nothing to hide.

We will let former Prime Minister David Cameron have the last word: “If we want to stop the state controlling us, we must confront this surveillance state.”

Have your say!

The Investigatory Powers Act will impact your business and your personal life, so how do you feel about it? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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