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Claire Williams, Provisioning Manager

Claire Williams, Provisioning Manager

In our latest ‘meet the author’ piece we would like to introduce one of our newest members of staff and opinion authors, Claire Williams, Provisioning Manager…

How long have you worked at Entanet?

I started at Entanet in March, so I’ve been with the company six months now.

What are your key responsibilities within the business and what are your areas of expertise?

I am responsible for the provisioning team who manage the implementation of all of Entanet’s Ethernet orders, working with various carriers to deliver high quality solutions efficiently. We monitor and manage the progress of each order from completion of the sale through to activation and provide the customer with detailed progress updates at every step.

With regards to opinion, which topics do you usually cover and why?

I’ve only produced one article for opinion so far and that was about the differences between various Ethernet carriers and how your choice of carrier can potentially affect the efficient delivery of your service. As Provisioning Manager I expect to cover anything related to service expectations, delivery and implementation of solutions and any issues or industry changes that may affect our channel regarding the provisioning of their Ethernet orders.

Do you have any specific industry areas of interest that you would like to discuss on opinion or that you particularly follow?

Most recently I’ve been interested to learn of Ofcom’s proposed changes to the relationship between Openreach and BT and the impact this could potentially have on the industry, both positive and negative. As a relative newcomer to the industry I find the relationship between Openreach, BT and other service providers very interesting and I am keen to see if the proposed changes are implemented or if any significant changes are brought in which could help to solve the headaches the industry currently suffers. 

In your debut article for opinion, you discussed the important differences between Ethernet carriers and how you proactively evaluate their performance on behalf of resellers. Do you think the carriers respond to your evaluations effectively and take on board your criticisms?

Yes, this has been proven repeatedly. Where service levels fall short of our expectations this is proactively fed back to each carrier within our regular review meetings and if the problems aren’t satisfactorily addressed we have been known to place order limits or even blocks on certain carriers until the situation improves. These are adhered to by the sales team who trust our judgement and respect our need to accurately set customers’ expectations enabling them to make well informed recommendations on the best choice of carrier. The process works well and we have seen a number of significant improvements from carriers we had previously experienced problems with. Overall it helps to improve service levels for customers and ensure a high and consistent level of performance.

We actively encourage feedback and interaction from our readers, what would you like to hear about from them?

I’d like them to share their experiences with us and help us to improve further. Have they experienced service implementation problems with carriers/providers and been left unsatisfied? Have they experienced the difference between carriers first hand? Does this put them off selling more Ethernet services and benefiting from this highly profitable market?

Getting to know Claire 

What are your interests/hobbies outside of the office?
I love singing and dancing and am an active member of Shrewsbury Amateur Operatic Society. Our last show was Sister Act where I played Sister Mary Martin of Tours. Some may say I am a drama queen!

If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?
My super power would be “Power Mimicry”. This would allow me to copy/absorb another person’s power or skills.

Who would you like to meet dead or alive and why?
I would like to meet Sir Patrick Moore. I grew up watching Sky at Night with my Grandpi and I would love to ask him to teach me the Xylophone.

What are your three favourite things in life?
My two step sons (is that classed as 1 or 2?), Good Food and Gin.

What is your pet hate?
Liars – just think how much happier life would be if liar’s pants really did catch on fire.



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