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Happy New Year!

In 2014 we were delighted to achieve record Ethernet sales as we saw demand for Ethernet based solutions rocket and through careful forecasting we expect this coming year to be even more fruitful. That’s why we think 2015 will be ‘The Year of Ethernet’!

Stephen Barclay, Head of Sales

Stephen Barclay, Head of Sales

Why is Ethernet growing?

The popularity of new cost effective Ethernet based solutions such as EFM and GEA are making it more accessible and affordable to a larger number of (smaller) businesses. This, coupled with the ever increasing consumption of bandwidth and growing reliance on connectivity for business critical applications and communications, means that more businesses are turning towards Ethernet to ensure guaranteed service and benefit from increased speeds and scalable bandwidth options.

But it’s not just about new Ethernet customers. Over recent years as bandwidth requirements continue to grow for most businesses we have seen a significant increase in the adoption of higher speed connections from existing customers, upgrading their current connections and scaling up their bandwidth requirements.

These trends seem to be echoed across the industry with recent Openreach research showing 20-30% of their 500 business respondents saying they expect to increase bandwidth usage over the next 12 months; while 20% plan to buy Ethernet over Fibre connections in the next 3 years, 15% in the next 12 months.

They also predict a surge in higher bandwidth connections, expecting a 15% decrease in total market share for 10Mb connections and a 5% increase for 100Mb, an 8% increase for 1Gb and a 2% increase 10Gb by 2016/17 when compared to 2012/13.

Total Ethernet Market Size by Bandwidth
Source: Openreach

Get involved

As a reseller, adding Ethernet based solutions to your connectivity portfolio and taking commercial advantage of this growing market is easier than you may think.


Have your say!

Are you already taking advantage of the growth of Ethernet? Do you disagree that Ethernet is in high demand? Let us know your thoughts and share your experiences by leaving us a comment below.

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