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Effective communication is crucial to success and should be at the forefront of every business manager no matter what market they’re in. Over the past year Entanet has seen huge growth in IP VPN requests from its channel partners that support customers’ communication improvement. In fact, 2013 we saw our most hungry partners’ pipelines for high margin PWAN (Private Wide Area Network) solutions increase by over 50%. This rise in demand should encourage any reseller looking to expand their IT service product range to serve this highly flexible and profitable market.

Darren Farnden, Head of Marketing

Darren Farnden, Head of Marketing

Selling an IP VPN/PWAN solution requires a confident approach with a customer, based on a clear understanding of their business requirements, the key technical elements and a capability to put them together. In our experience this is where resellers often turn to their wholesale provider for help who, in our view, should have the resources to help scope, price, provision and support a solution that best meets the customer’s needs. While it’s true that some resellers have the knowledge and experience to sell and install sometimes complex PWAN solutions, we believe many more are wary of taking their first steps to developing long lasting and ‘sticky’ customer relationships. That needn’t be the case.

The launch of our new free eBook ‘An Insight into IP VPNs’, provides an easy-to-read overview of IP VPN/PWAN services and the advantages and benefits they bring to customers. It discusses the key points resellers should consider when promoting IP VPNs to satisfy the desire for mutual gain – a successful business solution for the customer and profitable business for the reseller.

Find out why IP VPNs could be the perfect solution for your customers by downloading our eBook below.

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