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EuroISPA’s monthly report for October 2012 contains this update on the Data Retention Directive: “On 23 October, Commissioner Malmström confirmed to the European Parliament that there will be a revision of the data retention directive (DRD) but not this year.


Paul Heritage-Redpath, Product Manager

The Commission maintains that the DRD should be improved and that it is necessary to ensure that Member States cannot access retained data for other purposes than the ones indicated in the DRD. Currently, the e-Privacy Directive enables Member States to require access to data for other purposes.

Therefore the Commission plans to revise the DRD together with the e-Privacy Directive. However, a reform of these Directives will only be possible after the current negotiations on the General Data Protection Regulation are finalized.

Commissioner Malmström could not indicate a concrete timetable yet but is likely that the revision of both Directives could be led by the new Commission in 2014/2015.”

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