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Have you toyed with the idea of reselling VoIP solutions in the past? Maybe you were put off by lack of knowledge or didn’t believe there was a market for these services. If that was the case then now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your thinking.

Get into VoIP – It’s perfect timing!

Get into VoIP – It’s perfect timing!

The emergence of more stable and affordable connectivity solutions such as fibre broadband and EFM, coupled with a general market acceptance of the concept and practice of hosted applications, as well as advancements in VoIP services to reduce jitter and improve call quality mean that demand for VoIP is increasing rapidly.

An Illume consulting report states that between 2010 and 2011 there was over 20% growth in VoIP, 85% of which was in small businesses and shows the hosted VoIP market is growing 11% quarter on quarter. Similarly, IDC believe the Western European market will grow by 49% CAGR to be worth $0.7bn by 2014.

There are many drivers for VoIP. It’s not just about cost savings, although it is true that most businesses make significant savings in terms of monthly rental, installation and calls through the implementation of a VoIP solution. VoIP also provides a business with more flexibility, enabling it to scale its application of the technology up or down as required, connect multiple remote offices and/or home workers easily and even implement a useful disaster recovery solution which can easily be switched to alternative terminating numbers.

These factors, coupled with the increasing popularity of ‘cloud computing’, mean that business users’ acceptance of hosted solutions such as VoIP has grown and demand is increasing rapidly. By not providing VoIP as part of your service portfolio you could be missing out on valuable opportunities.

You could choose to resell standard VoIP solutions as standalone products or you could maximise your potential by delivering a complete IP based communications solution, providing the connectivity and the VoIP service as well as any additionally required services such as the underlying line rental and hosting. Furthermore, this increased adoption of SaaS has led to a marked increase in demand for voice to be integrated into private network solutions from small to medium sized companies looking to unify their networks and improve their productivity by providing their employees with a fast and effective communications infrastructure.

We can provide you with product and sales training, marketing support, 24/7 technical support and white label resources to help you resell our award winning VoIP services to new and existing customers.

To find out more and get started call our partner sales team on 0333 101 0000, email us at marketing@enta.net or use the contact from below. Alternatively, please visit Entanet’s VoIP page.

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