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Every day we’re seeing a rapidly growing interest among partners in the value they can derive from selling IP VPN services. Attracted by the potential of longer term contracts, higher margins and relationships that can open doors to even more business, they’re keen to understand what’s required, how to market and sell solutions and get help. If you’re in this group, read on…

Empowering customers, strengthening your business

Empowering customers, strengthening your business

What is an IP VPN?

For the technical experts, an IP VPN is a routed network that works at layer 3 of the OSI’s (Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model) seven layer model. For its routable protocol it uses IP (Internet Protocol).

In simpler terms, an IP Virtual Private Network is a way of linking together multiple sites (e.g. offices and home workers) using a choice of access technologies (e.g. leased lines and broadband) and allowing the data and/or voice traffic that moves over it to be totally separate and secure from all other traffic on the core network. This allows for a number of locations to be included and multiple applications to be accessed, from standard email and web traffic to VoIP, video and essential software. As a managed service, an IP VPN uses a communications provider’s core network as the underlying infrastructure, the access circuits being fitted with managed equipment at each remote site. By using a core network based IP VPN, as opposed to an Internet based IP VPN, creating any-to-any connections is much simpler. This allows it to be proactively monitored 365 days a year with any necessary maintenance completed quickly.

Why are IP VPNs increasingly important to customers?

As markets become more competitive, as customers become more demanding and as economies become more challenging, business leaders are feeling the pressure to ensure their businesses not only survive but succeed. Improved operational efficiency, solid customer service, sales growth, business continuity; all of these desires are achievable by empowering people to do the best they can in their roles – to make and act on the right decisions at the right time with the right information and the right support.

How do IP VPNs help a business?

Every IP VPN is individually designed to meet the customer’s specific criteria. The level of complexity, the applications it must support, the locations it must link, the access technologies used and the level of scalability required are all specific to each solution.

IP VPNs enable you to link together multiple sites within a core infrastructure, using a combination of access technologies and enabling applications and information to be shared across the business regardless of an individuals’ location.

IP VPNs help overcome the issues of providing access to essential information for workers located in different places (even at home) and managing multiple application licences and software updates by providing the high performing access required for centralised systems and applications.

An IP VPN is a completely scalable solution. Adding extra sites can be straight forward and the amount of bandwidth required to carry voice and/or data traffic can be increased quickly, allowing a customer’s network to remain efficient. It also allows you to keep a tight control on network costs.

Where IP VPNs utilise Ethernet technology, they provide fast, always-on and dedicated connectivity to systems and applications that allow customers’ businesses to function effectively. With resiliency options, 100% Service Level Agreements and 24/7 monitoring, managed IP VPNs provide customers the confidence that they’re able to meet their own customers’ needs.

An IP VPN can create tremendous value to any business that operates through a mix of centralised, regional and remote employees. Greater efficiency, improved customer service, empowered staff, assured business continuity, enhanced competitiveness, reduced operating cost. These objectives are all possible assuming it’s understood clearly what your customer wants to achieve, are committed to identifying how to achieve them and are willing to discuss the options with a knowledgeable adviser – you.

What’s in it for you?

In return, by knowledgeably selling IP VPN services, you can create long term and profitable business relationships with customers. Solutions are typically contracted to for three or more years and lead to further opportunities in terms of providing further access technologies and applications to be delivered over the network. Thanks to the help of Entanet’s pre-sales solutions consultants, selling IP VPNs to customers needn’t be difficult – they regularly help partners to scope, design and cost solutions and provide the necessary advice to help win new business.

To find out more about how you can benefit from selling IP VPN solutions call us on 0333 101 0808, email marketing@enta.net or use the contact form below. Alternatively, please visit our IP VPN page.

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