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Food for thought

Food for thought

Let’s face it, business connectivity is becoming more ‘sophisticated’ but at the same time more ‘affordable’. Anyone serving business customers with voice and data communications need to ensure ‘Next Now Generation Access’ is a key part of their proposition. If you think back to the mid-late 1990s, companies practically needed a mortgage to get a leased line or simply used a dial-up connection if they’re requirements were limited to a bit of email and ‘web surfing’ (and they were the progressive ones). Move on 15-16 years and we read about business enhancing applications being accessible to everyone; instant collaboration between offices and employees worldwide being the cornerstone of businesses’ DNA; and demand for information being at levels never seen before. Businesses are seeking new ways to differentiate, streamline, outperform and win. Concurrently the dynamics of improved supply and growing demand have changed the pricing models of suppliers and for that reason NGA is both affordable and justifiable. If you’re going to win this business, you need to embrace everything that’s required to promote and provision NGA services.

Firstly, how well do the services you’re currently offering match existing and emerging customer requirements? Do you know how rising traffic volumes that are being generated by the increasing use of voice, video and cloud-based services affect your supplier and how they cope with the demand across their networks? What’s their strategy? Ours is straight forward – our early 100% adoption of Wholesale Broadband Connect and IPStream Connect, enabled by us building out our own UK network to every one of the key aggregation points that form 21CN, created a significant capability to easily handle and prioritise voice and data traffic with ease.

Secondly, how resilient, flexible and future proof is your supplier’s network that you’re using to serve your customers? NGA based services are pretty meaningless if they don’t have the capability to ensure that business customers’ voice and/or data packets arrive at their destination. Your supplier should be able to give you complete confidence that, should anything unforeseen happen to knock out the primary distribution route, there’s another already in place to take over and that the switch is as close to immediate as possible. Further, as customers’ appetite for bandwidth grows, your supplier must be able to cope with the increasing demand flexibly and quickly – even for applications that are maybe only just emerging. Ask the questions and you may find your supplier finds it a challenge to answer them positively. Ask Entanet and you’ll get a straightforward reply – we’re super confident in our ability to ensure our NGA services deliver what your customers expect because of the resilience we have in place across all of our network, thanks to diverse infrastructure between our UK-wide points of presence; and the fact that our network already has capacity up to 10Gbps and is scalable beyond this.

Thirdly, does your supplier relationship allow you to change the way you work and serve customers as your business grows? Resellers are often on a journey, depending on their goals (see our previous article about having a clear strategy for 2012) and the types of customer they want to serve. At the entry level, some resell standard packages when it comes to, say, broadband to businesses who ‘simply need Internet access and email’. However, in recent years one can’t have failed to recognise that technology has become the lifeblood of every business. But of course businesses don’t buy connectivity because they want connectivity or think they need it – they buy it because they need to achieve specific objectives. The problem for many though is that they’re unaware of what product will do the best job, and certainly unaware of the factors they need to consider to get the right implementation. As their service provider, you need to become more consultative in your sales approach – understanding their objectives and translating them into a technical solution. Does your supplier provide the help you need to accomplish this? Many of Entanet’s partners rely confidently on the help of our team of pre-sales solutions consultants who get involved in exploring the requirements, scoping and designing a solution and supporting them throughout the sales process. As a result they’re growing in their own capability to promote and sell more complex solutions that derive larger margins and longer term customer relationships.

The door is open to great business opportunities in connectivity. As the platform that underpins most UK businesses’ communications today, you have a multitude of options to put to your customers that best meet their requirements. We’re here to help you capitalise on those opportunities with the network infrastructure, product portfolio and support services that can help you create competitive advantage. Get in touch on 0333 101 0808, email us at marketing@enta.net or use the contact form below and we’ll do our best to help.

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