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Are you currently reselling VoIP? If the answer is no then you could be missing out on valuable opportunities. We think there are at least six reasons why and we’re encouraging all of our reseller partners to consider the benefits of reselling VoIP…

Stephen Barclay, Head of Sales

Stephen Barclay, Head of Sales

1. Now is the perfect time!
VoIP has been around for several years but in the early stages resellers and end users sometimes encountered problems meeting performance expectations. These issues were caused by things like jitter, call quality and inefficient underlying connectivity solutions. Over time though, VoIP providers have worked hard to overcome these initial teething problems and technological advancements have led to more effective underlying connectivity options such as ADSL2+, FTTC, EFM and more affordable leased lines. The quality of service now experienced has significantly improved which has in turn led to an acceptance of VoIP within the market, making now the perfect time to get involved.

2. Growing market = growing opportunities

The VoIP market continues to grow and this means it’s full of opportunities for resellers to capitalise on. “VoIP has come a long way in a short time. It’s attractive to consumers as it is priced very competitively in terms of subscription and call charges. It’s also attractive to operators as it’s a straightforward implementation that offers a chance for them to differentiate their services. There’s no reason to believe growth is going to slow significantly until a market reaches saturation and we could reasonably expect to see 200 million subscribers by 2015.” John Bosnell, (Senior Analyst) Point Topic

Just a few key stats to convince you further:

  • The UK SIP market has entered a period of sharp growth, with the market ending at 231,000 trunks at the end of December 2010*
  • The hosted VoIP market is growing 11% quarter on quarter*
  • Over 20% growth in VoIP between 2010 and 2011 – 85% of which was in small businesses
  • We believe the (Western European) market will grow by 49% CAGR to be worth $0.7bn by 2014**
  • There are currently 2.7million ISDN lines in the UK, which could be replaced with more flexible and cost effective VoIP solutions
  • The cost savings for enterprises can range from 25% to 35% over traditional T1 and PRI access***
  • 50% of businesses would consider implementing VoIP within the next 2 years****

*Source: Illume Consulting 2010 and 2011
**Source: IDC
*** Source: Forrester
**** Source: Metaswitch

3. Profitable additional revenue streams
By adding VoIP to your service portfolio you will benefit from a profitable new source of revenue which requires negligible input. For example, by reselling Entanet’s business-class, fully hosted VoIP solution known as VoIP Enrich, you can earn commission from the setup and monthly rental as well as commission from off-net calls. The modular nature of the solution means you can also sell additional user licenses and features such as hunt groups and call recording from which you also generate a profitable commission. You can also supply pre-configured hardware which you can add margin to and if you wish could charge an installation fee to set the solution up at the customer’s premises. We also recommend a separate DSL connection and LAN which you could also include into your solution and again earn recurring revenue from. We have seen examples of resellers earning over £600 from a single 10-user based VoIP Enrich solution over a 12 month period.

4. Easy management and support

The majority of VoIP solutions are managed via a comprehensive user portal, so whether you are managing the solution on behalf of your client or you decide to pass this functionality on to their own IT department, ongoing management of the solution is quick, simple and hassle free. Our own service is a good example – every aspect of the VoIP Enrich service can be managed via the portal from auto configuration of hardware to setting time based routing for auto attendants. You can even brand the management portals as your own enabling you to provide the service completely under your own brand.

If for any reason you do need our help we also provide 24/7 UK based technical support with dedicated VoIP engineers also available.

5. Maintain complete control of your customer relationships
By providing a complete connectivity solution (voice and data) you can maintain complete control of your customer relationships at the vulnerable points of ordering, billing and support. In the case of dealing with ourselves, you can provide our VoIP solutions as standalone products or as part of a complete connectivity solution along with the underlying telephone line rental, broadband connection and any additional services such as hosting. As the customer’s sole connectivity provider you can maintain complete control of your relationship.

6. Key drivers for purchase
There are a number of reasons why businesses are making the switch to VoIP at the moment. Many providers think the decision to move to VoIP is just about cost savings, but that is not necessarily the case. Whilst VoIP can provide significant cost savings when compared with traditional PBX systems and ISDN lines, many business users are even more convinced by the flexible and scalable nature of the service, its disaster recovery capabilities and the potential improvements it can bring to efficiency and productivity.

At a time when many businesses are looking to improve efficiency and productivity, save money, and enhance communications VoIP provides a cost effective, flexible and reliable solution, especially when connecting multiple branches, home users, departments or implementing a complete IP based infrastructure such as an IP VPN.

Find out more
If you are interested in learning more about reselling VoIP and the opportunities available contact partnersales@enta.net or call 0333 101 0000.

Have your say!
What are your thoughts on reselling VoIP? Are you already successfully reselling VoIP solutions or do you remain unconvinced of the opportunities available? Let us know your thoughts and share your experiences by leaving us a comment below.

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One Response to “6 reasons why you should resell VoIP”

  1. I agree, now is the time to start selling and thinking about selling VoIP. I don’t think it suits every business just yet, but it’s certainly getting there. It should be considered at the forefront nowadays to ensure every new phone system or phone system upgrade is either using voip from the outset or has the ability to use voip and pstn side by side. Hybrid is my preferred option right now but with 21CN effectively using voip anyway, it’s definitely the way forward.

    We’ve use VoIP Enrich internally for years and it’s come a long way. It’s by far the cheapest way to implement a PBX system and the flexibility for disaster recovery is immense. I’d like to see better reporting tools and the ability to drill into these better. An online translator that converts typed words to spoken words would be a massive help too. Aside from that the simple interface and call quality is as good as, if not better than, anything else out there. Keep up the good work Enta.

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